Onwards and….


Wow, I can’t describe how proud of you guys I am at this moment. To finish the Tier, the Xpac in such a manner is amazing. We never took a step back from what makes this guild special and im extremely thankful to all of the team. We really approached each raid with the whole intention of having fun. Ive thoroughly enjoyed the past few months, dare I say it, the most ive had in this game!

Its common knowledge the difficulties this guild has endured this Xpac. We made some decisions, recruitment and changes that didn’t work out. We stepped away from what this guild was about and developed into a unfriendly, toxic, drama ridden environment.

It took us until ToS to start cutting that away…..The Officers, Core members, Old & New friends have stepped up to rebuild and bring back what this team is about.
I will always be thankful for the amazing hardwork, dedication and trust you guys have put into this guild. I know the guild is in a great place now and we can really look ahead to continue into BFA with pride and confidence.
This team isn’t just about progress. Its about having a place to relax, enjoy and socialise. About putting IRL issues behind you and knowing you have friends who will listen, help and work with you. Whether its wow, Pubg or just a chat, this team is about being happy.

The aim is now to continue into the BFA with the same Focus, friendships and humour. The same guild atmosphere that is not only making ‘old’ members ask to come back, but attract so many new people! We are looking forward to BFA, We hope you do too! Thank you for being part of the OA journey.