Thanks for showing interest in our guild!
We Request you read the information below and then feel free to make an application using this form

Raid times are wednesday, thursday and monday @ 22:00 to 01:00 ST

Here at Once Again we work hard to provide a guild that’s suitable for all our members. Offering not only a great atmosphere but steady progressing raiding.

To make this work we do however require that our raid team members work with our team to ensure raids go as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves in being understanding of real life commitments, but also knowing how your time in game is also important.

With that in mind we ask all our raiders to show a level of commitment and respect to our team by all committing to the guild in the same way.

To ensure;

Committment! We ask all our members to commit to as many raids as possible. We don’t want to overfill our team. So its important we have a consistent and stable team. Although we understand a raid may need to be missed occasionally, we don’t expect it to happen often!

Prepare & Research! We all understand time is precious. We want to spend as much time on progress as possible, So its important all members not only prepare their characters but also come to raids understanding the mechanics!

Communicate! Like most team games communication is key to success.. We hope all our members feel confident enough to join in not only the social aspects of the team. But more importantly being able to not only listen to key information during raids and communicating when needed is required.

Finally feel free to join our discord where you can speak to our members, ask some questions or just get to know us!


We will try to contact all applicants with 24 hours via Discord/Battlenet. Thanks