Once Again

We originally formed in Wrath of the Lich King, some of our members still present and raiding today! Originally starting on Sunstrider EU using the name Once and then changing to Conquest we have always been a solid raiding team. Although we have since changed server to Kazzak and name changed to Once Again our attitude towards Warcraft is still the same!
With a passionate officer team who have played together for many years, Providing a Sociable and balanced atmosphere with a driven core. We offer not only stability as long lasting guild, but also a guild you know puts it’s members first!

We strongly believe in friendships. Although our main priority is raiding we know to achieve our goals we need to work as a team.
We have grown into not only a fun sociable guild, but a place all our members no matter rank feel involved. Our Raid team is diverse spanning all over Europe with people young and old(er) playing a part. If not raiding or enjoying the other activities Warcraft has to offer, we can often be found playing many other games together or abusing the discord group.

Our primary target is to keep steady raiding. We offer focused, fun and stability in our raids.
With a team that works hard to keep improving, learning and developing, We feel confident in being able to progress at a rate we all feel happy with. Members are encouraged to research, discuss and execute tactics to ensure we achieve our best in minimal raid time for the type of guild we are.

For additional information please feel to add and speak to any of our officers or guild master

Guild Master – Adamski#2159 (Lfc/Yorkshireman)

Officers – Raw#2325 (Vahl) /  (Shamzoo) / Oneyota#2678 (Oneyota